Our mission is to keep you ALWAYS CONNECTED with your world – conveniently, securely and at low cost.

Who We Are

Unni Telecom (UnniTel) is a next generation Global Data Service Provider headquartered in Singapore.

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What We Do

We provide data through personal WiFi devices in 100+ countries so both both business and leisure travellers can enjoy secure and convenient data connections, at affordable prices.

How We Do It

Our global data is provided using CloudSim technology. That means you don't need a physical SIM for every country you visit. One is allocated from the Cloud every time you visit a new country instead.
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uCloudlink was founded in 2011, to provide global mobile data service to billions of users. uCloudlink established the first mobile data transaction platform based on using the CloudSIM Solution.

In September 2015, uCloudlink launched the world’s first universal 4G roaming-free mobile Wi-Fi device. Users can use G2 with no local SIM card at high speed in more than 100 countries around the world. In April 2018, we released the self-developed global phone, truly achieving ‘mobile phone with own data flow, connect global, pay local.’

uCloudlink has 1,000 employees, including 500 R&D engineers and holds over 50 technical patents, operates 20+ branches in China and other international locations.

Unnitel has been in partnership with uCloudlink since 2017.


Our investor, Belt Road Capital Management (BRCM), is a private equity investment manager focused on the Greater Mekong Sub-Region. BRCM partners with promising small and medium sized enterprises to support the achievement of strategic goals, facilitate sustainable growth and expand access to markets. By employing a variety of investment tools, BRCM creates value for its’ investors and rigorously manage risk while gaining exposure to fast growing SMEs in the region.