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By using the many free public WiFi hotspots, users are unaware of the serious risks which exist when connecting to these free hotspots – including identity theft, data hacking and having conferential information and passwords compromised.

UNNItel recognizes and values the importance of SECURITY, especially when it is related to protecting the personal data and business information of our customers. All our devices incorporate 128bit WPA2-PSK encryption protocols for the highest levels of security and protection.

UNNItel also offers hi-speed and flexible Enterprise data plans across 100+ countries to suit all corporate needs.

The Unnitel Enterprise Advantage


Coverage in over 100+ Countries.


Significantly reduce your mobile data roaming costs.

No Commitment

No Contracts. No Monthly Fees. Pay-as-You-Use.

Flexible No Expiry Data Plans

Our data never expires. You use all data that you pay for.

Pooled Data

Share data across multiple devices and avoid bill shock.

Automatic Data Top-Up

Your devices will never run out of data with our Auto Top-Up Service.


Understand clearly your user’s data usage and costs.

Business Travel is Growing!

Business travel spending is expected to reach $1.7 trillion by 2022, fueled by strong year-over-year growth including a 5.8 per cent spending increase in 2017 and 7.1 per cent increase in 2018.

Source: Business Traveller.com

UNNItel Keeps Your Business Securely Connected

The “Man-in-the-Middle (MITM)” attack is one of the most common security threats faced by Enterprises. The attacker secretly intercepts and relays messages between two parties who believe they are communicating directly with each other. The Attacker silently “eavesdrops”, captures and manipulates sensitive information in real-time.

We have solutions for all kinds of businesses – global enterprises to start-ups.

Just drop us a message and find out more about the UNNItel advantage. We look forward to serving you.